Lyles College Eng 50

ECE 186B - Senior Design II

Completion of approved design projects in electrical and computer engineering. Project demonstration and documentation requires using problem solving, written communication and critical thinking skills, and engaging in oral presentations.

Prerequisites: ECE 186A -- Senior Design I; University Writing Requirement.

Syllabus Information

Class Files (PDF Documents)
   Progress Report Information
   Final Report Information

     HOWTO Install LaTeX

Example LaTeX Code
     Generic Starter File generic.tex

IEEE Transactions Style Files
     1.  Download the IEEE Transactions Style File and the IEEE Transactions Bibliography Style File from the appropriate IEEE webpage.
     2.  Unzip the files in separate directories, and read the pdf HOWTO files to get started.
     3.  The IEEE provides you with a bare bones file, called bare_jrnl.tex, which you can use as a basis for your master LaTeX file.
     4.  The bare bones file, once you have run it through latex, will produce bare_jrnl.pdf.
Example Bibliography Files (bibtex) for Reference Format
Vectorized Graphics Editors  pick one that creates postscript files!
Additional Example Files
Example Paper
Oral Presentations
PowerPoint Essay Edward Tufte

The Visual Display of Quantitative InformationEdward Tufte

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They may not be reproduced in any fashion without the written consent of Dr. Gregory R. Kriehn,
of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, at California State University, Fresno.

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