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Linux Systems Administration Fedora Notes

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Associate Professor AssociateGregory R. Kriehn
Background Information

The purpose of these web pages is to provide an overview of the Fedora Linux distribution, including Installation Notes and HOWTOs. The pages have emerged primarily because I needed a way of organizing all of the text-based information that I have developed over the years about Fedora, after jumping ship from RedHat after their subscription-based Enterprise system was released. Feel free to use them however you like, so long as you provide proper references and appropriate links back to this website. Generally speaking, what is written on this portion of my Web Server falls under the GNU Free Documentation License.

Both the Installation Notes and HOWTOs are drawn heavily from my own notes, as well as a variety of other sources — including Stanton Finley's (defunct) and Mauriat Miranda's (current) web pages, as well as some newer references for Fedora. In either case, I have tried to document the sources that have been used (wherever possible), but some of the notes come from years of modifications and adjustments made from so many different locations that true references may be difficult to provide. If you have a suggestion about a source (or lack thereof), send me an e-mail.

Shown below is a screenshot of Fedora 14 using Compiz Fusion on my system:

Professor Kriehn's Fedora Repository

Looking for my Fedora Repository? Then you have come to the right place...

Professor Kriehn's Fedora Repository

Fedora Linux Systems Administration Pages

Please note that the older pages are more or less static. If you find an error (and more importantly, can provide me with a correction), contact me and I will update the pages. The latest version of Fedora will always be well supported (in terms of feedback and updates), and to a lesser degree, the next-to-latest version as well.

Fedora 14 Linux — Laughlin
Fedora 13 Linux — Goddard
Fedora 12 Linux — Constantine