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F12 Enlightenment DR17 (E17) E17 Animated Backgrounds

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Associate Professor Gregory R. Kriehn
F12 E17 Animated Backgrounds

NOTE:  This page is a bit dated. The simplest way to install my backgrounds and themes for both Enlightenment and Entrance (including several not mentioned on this page) is to install the following RPMs from my repository:
~> sudo yum install enlightenment-backgrounds enlightenment-startup entrance-themes
The Enlightenment backgrounds backgrounds and startup .edj files will be available to you from the Configuration Panel (under Appearance -> Wallpaper and Appearance -> Startup. In both cases, click on the System button to see them.

To change the Entrance theme, you will have to use the following command:

~> sudo entrance_edit --theme [theme].edj
The themes are installed in /usr/share/entrance/themes. Available for use as [theme]s are the following:
If you have a background or theme you would like to see included in my RPMs, send me an e-mail!

Animated Backgrounds

Backgrounds in E17 can be a thing of beauty, since they can contain all kinds of animations and effects. They are similar to animated GIFs, such as the one shown here:

E17 Animated GIF

The advantage of animated backgrounds in E17, however, is the fact that they use PNG files opposed to GIF files, and that they are compiled scripts, which allow for much more complex functionality. When I first installed E17, I created an entire host of animated backgrounds, which I have summarized (and provided links to) below.

To decompile an animated background, use the edje_decc command:

~> edje_decc [input_file].edj
This will decompose the .edj file into a directory that contains all of the .png background files used to animate the background, a .edc source file, and a build.sh script that uses the edje_cc command to compile the animated background. The usage for edje_cc is:
~> edje_cc [OPTIONS] [input_file].edc [output_file].edj
For starters, I would suggest downloading a couple of the animated backgrounds, decompiling them, and taking a look at the .edc source file and the build.sh script to get a feel for how they work. Much more detailed information can also be found in the E17 User Guide. Please note that the backgrounds provided below are NOT exhaustive. To view all of the backgrounds, install the enlightenment-backgrounds RPM.

blue-bend2 Static Background
Title: blue-bend2.edj (NOT ANIMATED)
blue-bend2-e Animated Background
Title: blue-bend2-e.edj
blue-bend2-l Animated Background
blue-bend2-l-e Animated Background
blue-bend2-l-b Animated Background
Title: blue-bend2-l-t.edj
blue-bend2-et Animated Background
Title: blue-bend2-et.edj
blue-bend2-l-b Animated Background
Title: blue-bend2-l-b.edj
blue-bend2-eb Animated Background
Title: blue-bend2-eb.edj
gnome-curves-l-t Animated Background
Title: gnome-curves-l-t.edj
gnome-curves-et Animated Background
Title: gnome-curves-et.edj

Animated Entrance Themes

If you have an appropriate .edj file, you can also use different themes for entrance.  To use it, copy over the appropriate file to /usr/share/entrance/themes:
~> sudo cp [theme].edj /usr/share/entrance/themes/.
Then use entrance_edit to select it:
~> sudo entrance_edit --theme [theme].edj
I have created one theme that I especially like, called clean_gold.edj, based upon the clean.edj. You can see it below:

Title: clean_gold.edj

Animated Startup Themes

Likewise, if you have an appropriate .edj file, you can also use different themes for the Startup Process.  To use it, copy over the appropriate file to ~/.e/e/init:
~> sudo cp [startup].edj ~/.e/e/init/.
To select the them, left click on the desktop and scroll down to Configuration -> Configuration Panel. Under Appearance, click on Startup. Click on the Personal button, and select your desired startup .edj file. Click Close, Close when finished.

I have created a theme that dovetails off of the
clean_gold.edj I use for entrance, called init_blue_bend.edjYou can see it below:

Title: init_blue_bend.edj

That's about it.  Feel free to download any of these .edj files and use them or modify them for your use.