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F12 Enlightenment DR17 (E17) E17 Installation

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Associate Professor Gregory R. Kriehn
F12 E17 Installation

Installation of E17 on Fedora 12 is fairly simple, and there are currently three options available:

1.) Install Enlightenment RPM packages using the Kriehn Repository.
2.) Compile Enlightenment using Brian Miculcy's easy_e17.sh script.
3.) Wait for EFL (E Foundation Libraries) and E17 WM (Window Manager) to stabilize in Fedora.

In the first two cases, *almost* the exact same packages are available.

The final option is much more complicated since only the E17 Windows Manager and a few of the base Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL) are currently in the Fedora Repository. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the Fedora packages will not conflict with the packages in the Kriehn Repository. I suggest using either E17 packages from one repository or the other, but not both. Once enough packages and functionality hit the Fedora Repository, I will begin phasing out the E17 packages here. For now, however, consider the Kriehn Repository to provide the "testing" or "bleeding edge" version of E17.
If you can think of a way to solve this problem gracefully, please send me an e-mail.

Enlightenment E17 Packages Available for Installation
Libraries Applications Modules
imlib2 e (enlightenment) alarm
eet entrance bling
evas elicit calendar
ecore emprint configmenu
efreet epdf cpu
ephoto deskshow
estickies diskio
ethumb drawer
embryo exchange efm_nav
edje expedite efm_path
esmart exquisite efm_pathbar
emotion eyesight emu
evas (easytag) execwatch
ewl (notecase) flame
exml (rage) forecasts
e_dbus (waker) iiirk










NOTE:  (imlib2 is provided by Fedora)

NOTE:  For those of you who are interested in some additional backgrounds and themes for Enlightenment and Entrance, I have 3 additional RPM packages that I have developed. See the RPM installation section for details.

The Kriehn Repository

Since Didier Casse has decided to retire his repository due to time constraints, I have decided to step in and host E17 RPMs myself. And as previously mentioned, I will be hosting the exact same packages (almost) that are available from Brian Miculcy's easy_17.sh script.

The upshot of this is that Enlightenment is now a piece of cake to install. First
, make sure that you have both the kriehn and livna repositories setup. Then use yum to install the packages and development libraries:

~> sudo yum install easytag ecore ecore-devel e_dbus e_dbus-devel edje edje-devel eet eet-devel efreet efreet-devel elementary elementary-alarm elementary-devel elementary-sms elementary-sms-devel elicit embryo embryo-devel e_modules-alarm e_modules-bling e_modules-calendar e_modules-configmenu e_modules-cpu e_modules-deskshow e_modules-diskio e_modules-drawer e_modules-drawer-devel e_modules-efm_nav e_modules-efm_path e_modules-efm_pathbar e_modules-emu e_modules-execwatch e_modules-flame e_modules-forecasts e_modules-iiirk e_modules-language e_modules-mail e_modules-mem e_modules-moon e_modules-mpdule e_modules-net e_modules-news e_modules-notification e_modules-penguins e_modules-photo e_modules-places e_modules-rain e_modules-screenshot e_modules-slideshow e_modules-snow e_modules-taskbar e_modules-tclock e_modules-tiling e_modules-uptime e_modules-weather e_modules-winselector e_modules-wlan emotion emotion-devel emprint enlightenment enlightenment-devel entrance entrance-devel epdf epdf-devel ephoto esmart esmart-devel estickies ethumb ethumb-devel evas evas-devel ewl ewl-devel exchange exchange-devel exml exml-devel expedite exquisite eyesight imlib2 imlib2-devel libeina libeina-devel notecase rage waker
Press 'y' when prompted to install the programs and any additional dependencies. There will probably be at least a few dependencies from livna and Fedora will have to be installed in addition to the aforementioned packages.

Backgrounds and Themes:  If you want to install some additional backgrounds and themes for Enlightenment and Entrance, install the following:

~> sudo yum install enlightenment-backgrounds enlightenment-startup entrance-themes
Press 'y' when prompted to install the programs. (The Enlightenment backgrounds and startup .edj files will be available to you from the Configuration Panel (under Settings -> Wallpaper). In both cases, click on the System button to see them.

To change the Entrance theme, you will have to use the sudo entrance_edit --theme [theme].edj command. The themes are installed in /usr/share/entrance/themes.)

Enlightenment is now setup! You may now skip over the easy_17.sh sections, and move on to the Run Enlightenment section at the bottom of the page.


NOTE:  I have not used the easy_17.shscript in a couple of years, and therefore have removed the HOWTO in this section, since I feel that it is too dated. I suggest taking a look at some of my older Fedora pages if you really are interested in the script.

Run Enlightenment

Enlightenment is now setup and ready for use! To try it, logout of Gnome, and at the login screen click on "Session". Next click on "Enlightenment". Now type in your username and password. Hit Enter and you should successfully see Enlightenment launch!

I am going to avoid going into details about configuring Enlightenment until the E17 General Configuration page, but if you want to get a jump start, left click the mouse, scroll down to Configuration when the Main menu pops up, click on Configuration Panel, and start making changes.

The next thing to discuss is how to setup Enlightenment's login screen application (entrance), which is quite a bit trickier than what we went through here. To do this, see the Entrance Setup page.