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Fedora 12 Enlightenment DR17 (E17)

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Associate Professor Gregory R. Kriehn
F12 Enlightenment DR17 (E17)

As mentioned in my Background Information page, I believe that the two Windows Managers packaged with Fedora (Gnome and KDE) both have serious drawbacks to them. As a result, sometime around Fedora Core 2, I began scouring the internet for something that gave me full configuration control over the way my desktop and windows were being managed. Unfortunately, at the time that I performed my search, there was no easy solution to my problem — and with each successive release of Fedora, I was becoming increasing frustrated with both Gnome and KDE. I was familiar with Enlightenment from my RedHat days, but was not willing to grunge through the work of trying to get it to compile on my own. And all of the other Windows Managers out there seemed even worse than Gnome and KDE. As a result, for a couple of years, I continued to grit my teeth and put up with what was readily available.

After a year of almost giving up hope, I was delighted to finally find a site that allowed for a quick installation of Enlightenment via a repository (Didier Casse's site) right around the time that Fedora Core 4 came out. Enlightenment promised to give me easy configuration over everything that I wanted:  basic functionality of the windows manager, general settings, key bindings, localization, fonts, installation of modules, binary formats, icon files, the menu, backgrounds and themes, file management, and overall system performance. After installing E17 for the first time, and reading through the documentation provided on get-e.org (now defunct
see exchange.enlightenment.org instead), I never looked back. And wouldn't you know it, years later I am the one who is now providing the Enlightenment RPM packages on my repository.

Integrating Enlightenment fully into Fedora still takes a bit of work, so I've gone to the trouble of writing up some web pages that discuss the E17 Installation process, Entrance Setup for F12, providing a bit of information with respect to General Configuration options, and discussing Animated Backgrounds. Hopefully they prove useful to anyone who reads them.

8. Enlightenment DR17 (E17)
     8.1 E17 Installation
     8.2 E17 Entrance Setup
  8.3 E17 General Configuration
     8.4 E17 Animated Backgrounds