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Fedora 12 Multimedia-Based Applications & Setup

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Associate Professor Gregory R. Kriehn
F12 Multimedia-Based Applications & Setup

The one drawback to Fedora is that it does not really come bundled with any multimedia-based applications due to patent and licensing issues (RedHat is a stickler for playing "by the book"). However, with yum and repositories, it is a simple matter to setup applications such as Acrobat Reader, Audacity, BitTorrent with AzureusBurning CD/DVDs from the command prompt, Flash, gnomebaker & k3b, Java, Mplayer, Microsoft True Type Fonts, the nvidia driverRealPlayer, MplayerSkype, and audio players. See the following pages for details.

12. Multimedia-Based Applications & Setup
     12.1 Acrobat Reader & Plugin
     12.2 Audacity
     12.3 BitTorrent
     12.4 Burning CD/DVDs from a Command Prompt
     12.5 Flash Plugin
     12.6 gnomebaker & k3b
     12.7 gtkpod
     12.8 Java
     12.9 Media Players (mplayer, xine, vlc)
     12.10 MSFonts
     12.11 Nvidia Driver
     12.12 RealPlayer
     12.13 Skype
     12.14 xmms & audacious (with mp3 plugin)