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F14 Gnome Applications & Settings Compiz Fusion & Emerald

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Associate Professor Gregory R. Kriehn
F14 Compiz Fusion & Emerald

Compiz Fusion is a merge between the Beryl composite window manager and Compiz Extras, which is a community set of improvements to Beryl. Compiz Fusion provides a lot of glitz to your desktop (such as "The Cube"), but I still prefer Enlightenment over Compiz since Enlightenment is lightweight and provides more control over the desktop (and your windows), while Compiz Fusion is resource intensive and still a bit buggy. Still, every now and then I enjoy logging into Gnome to use Compiz Fusion since the effects are pretty cool indeed.

"The Cube"

To install the full functionality of Compiz Fusion (opposed to the default nerfed version that comes with Fedora), use yum:

~> sudo yum install compiz* emerald* fusion*
Hit Enter and press 'y' when asked if you wish to install the package, along with any dependencies.

Along with Compiz Fusion, we have also installed Emerald, which provides some additional themes for Compiz. To start Compiz the first time, launch fusion-icon:

Once finished, the easiest way to launch Compiz the first time is through Fusion-Icon. (In the future, Fusion-Icon will launch automatically when you login to Gnome, since it is automatically added to your Session when installed.)

~> fusion-icon &
If you do not see a blue cube with a white arrow appear on your Panel, log out of Gnome and log back in. Once you see it display, right click on the icon and click on Settings Manager. To select Compiz Fusion as your default windows manager, right click on the icon again and click on Select Windows Manager -> Compiz. With the Settings Manager, you will have quite a few options that you can use to control the glitz of your desktop. I particularly like the Expo under Desktop and the Shift Switcher (using the Cover switcher mode) under Window Management.

Learning the keyboard shortcuts is a must. I suggest going to the source to learn about them:


As fair warning, if you start tweaking the settings for Compiz Fusion, be prepared to waste several hours doing so... :)