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F14 Drawing & Image Manipulation Programs jpeg2ps

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Associate Professor Gregory R. Kriehn
F14 jpeg2ps

From the jpeg2ps site,

jpeg2ps is a utility for converting JPEG images to compressed PostScript Level 2 or 3 files (without uncompressing the images). The JPEG data is simply »wrapped« with PostScript which yields considerably smaller PS files. jpeg2ps is a simple command line utility and can be used on DOS, Windows, and Unix machines.

I have created an RPM that can be installed using via the kriehn repository using yum:
~> sudo yum install jpeg2ps
If Hit Enter and press 'y' when asked if you wish to install the package, along with any dependencies. If you need help with the syntax, type:
~> jpeg2ps --help
You are now ready to use jpeg2ps. If you need help with the syntax, read the man page.