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F14 Multimedia-Based Applications & Setup MSFonts

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Associate Professor Gregory R. Kriehn
F14 MSFonts

One thing Microsoft has done well is create good looking fonts. Linux traditionally has had a terrible font set, but it has improved tremendously compared to the old RedHat days. Still, it could be a lot better. As a result of this, we are going to install Microsoft's TrueType core fonts for the web, which is available at:


The Fedora-devel mailing list has come out with a nice SPEC file, so I have compiled it and added the package to the Kriehn Repository. Use yum to install the package:

~> sudo yum install msttcore-fonts
Hit Enter and 'y' when asked if you want to download and install the rpm. Please note that with the new build, installing the X Font Server xfs is no longer necessary.

All of your programs will need to be restarted if you want them to be made aware of the new fonts. For some older applications, you may need to log out of Gnome, KDE, or Enlightenment and log back in (you do NOT need to reboot, however).