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F14 Gnome Applications & Settings nautilus

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Associate Professor Gregory R. Kriehn
F14 nautilus

If you do not like the spatial feature of Nautilus, turning it off is surprisingly easy — if you know the secret location where the option is buried using gconf-editor. But before we can use it, we need to first install the program using yum:
~> sudo yum install gconf-editor
Press 'y' when prompted to install the programs and any additional dependencies. After it is installed, source your ~/.bashrc file:
~> source ~/.bashrc
You are now ready to launch conf-editor:
~> gconf-editor
Next, click on apps -> nautilus -> preferences, and click that first box under the "always_use_browser" option. Under the Key Documentation portion of the screen, you'll suddenly see:

Enables the classic Nautilus behavior, where all windows are browsers.


Click on File -> Quit and you're done.