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F14 Multimedia-Based Applications & Setup xmms, aud., bmpx

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Associate Professor Gregory R. Kriehn
F14 xmms & audacious

In the beginning, there was winamp, the media player for streaming audio, and it was good. But Linux was without a streaming audio player, and so xmms was developed, and it was also good (once the mp3-plugin was applied). Then along came beep, which was a port of XMMS to GTK+2 to provide it with the look and feel of recent versions of Gnome and KDE, and it was very good. And then came the forks...

After the version of beep was released, the BMP (beep media player) development team announced that it would not be actively developed any longer. Instead, the team would spend development effort on the next generation of BMP, called BMPx. A few days following the announcement, William "nenolod" Pitcock decided to fork classical BMP as Audacious Media Player.

So, where does that leave us, exactly? My suggestion is to simply install xmms and audacious and try out them for yourself.  (amarok is another music player that is included within the Fedora repository if it has not been installed onto your system already.)


To install xmms, in addition to its plugins, use yum:
~> sudo yum install bluecurve-xmms-skin xmms xmmsctrl xmms-acme xmms-adplug xmms-alarm xmms-arts xmms-crossfade xmms-esd xmms-faad2 xmms-flac xmms-lirc xmms-modplug xmms-mp3 xmms-mplayer xmms-musepack xmms-normalize xmms-pulse xmms-scrobbler xmms-skins xmms-speex xmms-xmp xmms-xosd xosd
Press 'y' when prompted to install the programs and some additional dependencies. Please note that not all of the plugins are necessary. But the xmms-mp3 plugin is vital, as it allows for playback of mp3 files, which is not included natively into xmms due to patent and licensing concerns. To launch the player, simply type xmms in a terminal window.

If you are having trouble playing audio CDs, right click on the player, and select Options -> Preferences -> CD Audio Player 1.2.11 -> Configure, and click on Digital audio extraction. Hit Ok twice. With regard to skins, I have a hankering for blueHeart-xmms-20.


To install audacious, in addition to its plugins, use yum:
~> sudo yum install audacious audacious-libs audacious-plugin-fc audacious-plugin-xmp audacious-plugins audacious-plugins-amidi audacious-plugins-freeworld audacious-plugins-freeworld-aac audacious-plugins-freeworld-mms audacious-plugins-freeworld-mp3 audacious-plugins-jack audacious-plugins-metronome audacious-plugins-vortex audacious-plugins-wavpack gnome-applet-music
Press 'y' when prompted to install the programs and some additional dependencies. Again, not all of the plugins are necessary, but it is important to install audacious-plugins-freeworld-mp3, which provides mp3 playback functionality. To launch the player, simply type audacious in a terminal window.