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F14 Drawing & Image Manipulation Programs xv

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Associate Professor Gregory R. Kriehn
F14 xv

I can tell that I am starting to become a bit dated in my preferences, because one of my favorite image displays for the X window system, xv, has recently needed some serious hacking in order to get it to compile properly. I use it because it is simple, easy to use, and allows me to very quickly display, convert, and save different types of image formats. Call me old school, especially with this program, but I love it...

To get xv working, there were a bunch of patches that needed to be applied, since the maintainer preferred throwing up links to patches opposed to applying them to the source code and releasing a new version. For Fedora 8, I had decided to apply all of the relevant patches to xv-3.10a and place it in the kriehn repo (xv-3.10p), but xv has finally hit the RPM Fusion repo as well. Because RPM Fusion uses a couple of additional patches compared to my release, we'll just use it instead. Therefore, I have removed xv-3.10p from my repo since it's easier to use RPM Fusion at this point.

To install xv, use yum:
~> sudo yum install xv
Hit Enter and press 'y' when asked if you wish to install the package, along with any dependencies.

If all is well, xv will now be installed, along with any missing libraries that it requires.  yum is a very good thing.

You are ready to use xv:
~> xv &
You now have a nifty little program that can be used to look at, save, and convert gif, jpeg, tiff, png, postscript, pbm/pgm/ppm, X11 bitmap, xpm, bmp, sun rasterfile, IRIS rgb, targa, fits, and pm picture files. For quick and dirty work, I still find it to be the simplest program out there. Enjoy!