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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Assistant Professor Kriehn
Student Research - Design of a Compass 315M Laser Control Panel
The Compass 315M laser is a diode-pumped, solid-state, continuous-wave (CW) laser that is ideal for a variety of research and classroom instruction applications.  The lasers are modular components that are often sold for use in OEM equipment, and often require additional thermal management and/or an analog controller (or an interface to the controller) to assure adequate cooling and to provide the drive electronics for the laser head.

Design the interface electronics to a Coherent analog controller for the 315M laser head using the 15 pin DB15M connector.  The control panel should be designed using a PCB layout, include fault indicators, as well as initialization logic for the laser.  The initialization logic should indicate when the laser has stabilized, when the selected power level has been achieved and has been locked in, and provide an LCD display indicating the current operating power of the laser.  The control panel should also provide monitoring of the laser diode current and the current control voltage, as necessary.