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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Assistant Professor Kriehn
Student Research - Free-Space Opto-Electronic Communication Link
Optical links provide the backbone of the telecommunication industry throughout much of the world today.  Lasers, modulators, optical fiber, and detectors are the basic components that comprise current optical links.

Design a free-space opto-electronic communication link using a laser, acousto-optic modulator, and opto-electronic detector.  The communication link should transmit an acoustic signal from a CD player to a speaker on the other end of the room using either amplitude or frequency modulation with an RF carrier frequency of 80 MHz, and an optical carrier at 532 nm.  Use optical heterodyne detection to demodulate the transmitted waveform from the optical carrier to an intermediate frequency of 80 MHz, and design a receiver that will convert the RF signal back to baseband.  After appropriate signal conditioning, use the amplified baseband acoustic signal to drive a stereo speaker.