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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Assistant Professor Kriehn
Student Research - Multi-Channel Fiber-Optic Communication Link
Optical links provide the backbone of the telecommunication industry throughout much of the world today.  Lasers, modulators, optical fiber, and detectors are the basic components that comprise current optical links.

This proposal seeks to develop a multi-channel optical communication link between two sources using laser and fiber-optic devices.  Two or more voice channels will be converted from analog to digital signals and then transmitted through intensity modulation (on-off keying) of a laser transmitter through an optical fiber to the intended receiver.  The project will consist of purchasing and building the necessary components needed to integrate the donated equipment from Colorado Photonics, Inc. into a working system, such as purchasing fiber patch cords, creating fiber connectors, and building oscillators for carrier signals, amplifiers, phase locked-loop circuits, and multiplexers.