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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dr. Gregory R. Kriehn, Professor

Course Policies

The classroom is designed to be a learning environment as you study and work toward achieving your degree in Electrical and/or Computer Engineering. Therefore, you are expected to act in a professional manner and to avoid carrying, using, or wearing anything that will be distraction or disruptive to the classroom. You are also expected to dress professionally, speak civilly, avoid chewing or smoking of any kind (gum, tobacco, cigarettes, etc.), avoid reading the newspaper or other magazines or books in class, and to turn off all cell phones/pagers. Cell phones that ring within the classroom may be confiscated by the Instructor for the duration of the class.

Encouraged Behavior:  An inquisitive and positive attitude! An eagerness to learn and a desire to apply yourself to the task at hand! Students are allowed to work together in order to clarify any questions that they may have with regard to homework assignments, problems, and projects within the same group, but not between different groups. In addition, the “grunt work” of all homework and projects must be performed independently.

To clarify, you are allowed to collaborate, but you must prove to me that any work submitted by yourself is your own and has not been copied in any way, shape, or form—either from another student or from an external source. Other materials used to help you complete your assignments should be cited and noted in the work you turn into me.

E-Mail:  It is expected that additional announcements will have to be made from time to time outside the classroom. Therefore, each student is expected to check their e-mail on a regular basis to ensure that they receive any communication from myself.

Audio/Video Recording:  You may not record any of the lectures using either audio and/or video without prior consent from the Instructor.