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ENGR 2H - Honors Project (1)

Project for second semester, freshman LCOE Honors students.  Lectures, guests, discussions, experiential service-learning community projects, engineering/construction management professions.  Topics:  teamwork, leadership, service-learning, community-engagement, technical applications, human factors, innovation, entrepreneurship, ethics.  Emphasis:  hands-on service projects in community.

Prerequisites:  Freshman LCOE Honors Student

ENGR 4H - Honors Project II (1)

Project for second semester, sophomore LCOE Honors students.  Lectures, guests, discussions, experiential service-learning professional projects in engineering/construction management.  Topics:  teamwork, leadership, professional engagement, technical applications, human factors, innovation/entrepreneurship, ethical behavior, pro-bono service.  Emphasis:  hands-on professional service projects.

Prerequisites:  Sophomore LCOE Honors Student

Syllabus Information

This webpage and the contents thereof are for the sole purpose of 
supporting ENGR 2H/4H for the designated semester.

They may not be reproduced or used in any fashion without the written consent of Dr. Gregory R. Kriehn,
of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, at California State University, Fresno.

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