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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dr. Gregory R. Kriehn, Professor

HOWTO Submit Homework

Homework Guidelines

Quick guidelines when submitting homework:

1. Make sure you are logged onto ezekiel.engr.csufresno.edu with your ece71k[XX] account.
2. Create your source file. Use the program called "nano" as your text editor. To create and edit a "Homework #1" file called "hw01.cpp", type:

     ~> nano hw01.cpp

3. On the first line of *every* program that you write, you must have a comment that indicates the homework number. For example, the comment to put into
hw01.cpp for Homework #1 should be:

     /* homework 1 */

Use a separate program file and separate comment for each homework problem that is assigned to you.

4. Once you have a program compiling properly, and you are fairly certain that it is also executing properly (i.e., you do not have any logical errors), you are ready to submit your homework to the online grader program. (To learn how to compile your programs, see the gcc.html page.) To submit your program, simply type "submit" and the name of your file:

     ~> submit hw01.cpp

After you hit Enter, a script will be run that will make sure you are submitting the correct homework.

     --- assignment submit ---
     class: ece71
     Is hw01.cpp homework 1? [yes/no]: yes
     hw1.cpp submitted for homework #01


5. After a roughly one minute passes, then you are ready to check your e-mail to see if the submission was successful.  To do this, use the e-mail program called "alpine":

     ~> alpine

Then type "I" for the message index and check to see if you have received an e-mail from the Grader Program (use the arrow keys to select the e-mail you want to look at and hit Enter to view it). If you have not received an e-mail, wait another minute or two. Once you have received it, the e-mail will tell you if you have submitted the homework correctly or if you have to try again.  If it fails, you will receive a few hints to help you along your way.

A couple of notes...

The Grader Program will take off 2 points from your grade every time you submit your homework and either it fails to compile, or it fails to execute properly (giving you 50 submissions attempts). Once you are past the due date, though, it will automatically take off 10 points/day per submission. Therefore, turn your homework in on time if you want to receive full credit for it!