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HOWTO Submit Homework to the Grader Program using NetBeans

Homework Submission to the Grader Program using NetBeans

After your program runs correctly when using NetBeans (i.e., your code execution and program output is correct after pressing the Run Main Project button and you see a RUN FINISHED message), click on the Open Working Directory in Terminal button (the black computer terminal icon) in the Test (Run) window. This will automatically connect you to your account on ezekiel, and put you in the temporary working directory where your code is being stored on the server.

From here, you can submit your code directly to the grader program by typing:

~> submit main.cpp

When prompted about the homework number, type yes or no depending on whether or not you are submitting the correct homework.

Since you are remotely connected to ezekiel in the terminal window, you can launch alpine directly within the IDE. Simply type:

~> alpine

After a minute (at most), you should receive an e-mail from the grader program. If your homework compiled and ran properly, you can exit alpine. If not, exit alpine, make corrections to your homework within the IDE, rebuild and re-execute your code, and resubmit the new result to the grader program using the same procedure presented in this HOWTO.

Once the grader program correctly accepts and records your grade, it would be wise to copy your source code over to your home directory on ezekiel, since the current subdirectory you are in will change depending upon your project (and if you are using a different computer).

To copy your homework to your home directory, use the cp command:

~> cp main.cpp ~/hw[X].cpp

where [X] is your homework number. For example, if you wanted to copy main.cpp to your home directory as
hw03.cpp, you would type:

~> cp main.cpp ~/hw03.cpp

To change into your home directory, type:

~> cd ~

To examine the contents of your home directory, type:

~> ls

You should see any source files that have been copied to your home directory (or were originally created there), in addition to your alpine "mail/" folder.

To exit from your remote connection to ezekiel, type:

~> exit

You may now exit the IDE, since your program was successfully submitted to the Grader Program.