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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dr. Gregory R. Kriehn, Professor

HOWTO Securely Copy Files between Computers using WinSCP

Download WinSCP

1. Go to the WinSCP web page and click on the [Download] link at the top of the page.
2. Scroll down to the Installation Package link for the current version of WinSCP (currently WinSCP 5.9.1).
3. Download and install the package onto your computer.

Copying Files using WinSCP

1. Launch WinSCP after it has been installed.
2. Under "Host name:" type ezekiel.engr.csufresno.edu
3. Under "User name:" type ece71k[XX].  Replace [XX] with your login number.
4. Under "Password:" type your password for ezekiel.
3. Click Login, and click on Yes, if prompted about a security key.

Next, a split window screen will be launched.  The window on the left is a picture of your current directory structure on your local computer.  The window on the right is a picture of your current directory structure on the computer you connected to.  Drag and drop files from one window to the next to copy files back and forth between the two computers.  Close the window to exit WinSCP.